Personal Life

I was born and raised in the Washington, DC, area and graduated from St. Anselm's Abbey School in 1970. I graduated with a BSEE from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1974. I lived in the Boston area (19 years), in San Jose, CA (10 years), and finally settled in Peralta, NM in 2003.

I have been married for 19 years and have one adult daughter.

Professional Life

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Career #1 Computer Engineering

I moved to the Boston area in 1974 to work for Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), where I met my wife, Susan. I eventually became a consulting engineer specializing in design verification.

In 1993, we moved to San Jose, CA where I was offered a job at Tandem Computers.

Like many other people in Silicon Valley, I was laid off in the "DOT COM bust" of 2002, so we left California and moved to our home in Peralta, NM in 2003.

Career #2: Professional and Volunteer Pilot

I was first licensed as a pilot in 1976, and flew as a hobby for 25+ years. After moving to Peralta in 2003, I decided to turn my aviation hobby into a profession, and have been flying professionally ever since.

I have flown many missions for these volunteer organizations.

Please visit my flying web page.

Executive and Leadership Experience

In 1992, I participated in an effort to take control of our large company credit union back from the Board of Directors. This was necessary because, under that Board's "oversight," the credit union CEO had perpetrated a massive $18M fraud against the credit union members. The shareholders elected me to the Board of Directors, where I served as secretary for four years. Here is the speech I gave about this experience at the 1993 World Future Society.