Election Integrity

I support efforts to make and keep our voting systems accurate and I support punishment for any proven fraud. I oppose Voter-ID laws to the extent they are used to suppress voting. I would be inclined to support ID laws under these conditions:

  • if the required ID would be easily obtainable, and
  • if the state would defray the cost of getting the required paperwork for the voter ID.

I support vote-by-mail efforts, especially as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Our military on deployment has always voted by mail, so I don’t see why we can’t make voting by mail be an easy and encouraged option here in the states.

I support paper-only ballots so that recounts can be performed. Electronic voting machines (touch screens) should be eliminated (except for special machines needed by people with certain disabilities). Electronic voting on the internet should not be allowed, because of the risk of hacking. Electronic voting machines can be rigged -- here's the testimony of a software engineer Clinton Curtis who was asked to rig electronic voting machines.

In an obvious conflict of interest, executives of voting machine companies, such as Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold) have also held high management positions in the campaigns of politicians. See Wikipedia - Premier Election Solutions.Black Box Voting

One organization that has done a lot to highlight ballot integrity problems, especially regarding electronic voting machines, is Black Box Voting.

I support ranked-choice voting where voters can rank the candidates on the ballot in their order of preference. Read more about it here. This voting system better reflects voter preferences and eliminates the need for runoff elections.