Refugees come to the country because life is unbearable in their own country. Drug lords have taken over communities and require young men to join or be killed. Some travel for 1000 miles with only the clothes on their back, taking extreme risks for an unknown future. We are a country whose strength is rooted in our immigrants.

I strongly oppose the removal of DACA-protected “Dreamers” from the country. Instead, there should be a clear path to citizenship. It is unconscionable to send anyone back to a country they have never known.

I also support the decision by some cities to refuse to work with ICE to identify and deport people in this country illegally. Termed 'sanctuary cities,' they are not sanctuaries at all -- because ICE can detain anybody they suspect is here illegally. Law enforcement departments have their hands full with regular law enforcement; they don't need to be responsible for immigration too.

I oppose building a border wall with Mexico for a number of reasons:

  1. It doesn’t work. The wall has already been breached
  2. It’s an ecological disaster and is a threat to wildlife migrations.
  3. The wall divides native tribes.

Note that every US Representative whose district borders Mexico, including one Republican) are unanimous in their opposition to the wall.