This Election

This election is the most important election of our lifetimes. We are at a fork in the road between warring philosophies of “independence and self-reliance” vs “interdependence and cooperation.”

On the selfish/independence/self-reliance side, people believe ideas like "every man for himself" and "he who dies with the most toys wins" and "government can never do anything right."

On the interdependence/cooperation side, people believe that "we're all in this together" and "we all do better when we all do better" and "we need a government that manages our common resources (water, energy, frequency spectrum, etc.) in the best interest of the public (the 'general welfare' clause in the Constitution) instead of pandering to corporations.”

This is the fundamental conflict to be resolved in the November 2020 election: Do we want a government and a society that works together to serve the greater, common good and protects our most vulnerable people? Or do we want a government and society that ignores the common good in favor of special interests and wealthy campaign donors?

I am squarely on the side of supporting the common good. The legislative record of my opponent shows a bias toward special interests and the wealthy, as shown by his votes against efforts to expand healthcare to all New Mexicans, and against some minimum wage increases.

To get a feel for which policies and laws a candidate would likely support, ask them which presidential candidates they support. In the 2020 primary season, I supported the following presidential candidates: Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang.

My opponent has enthusiastically endorsed Trump and sits on an advisory board, "Latinos for Trump," to support his re-election. Both Trump and my opponent support big government interfering in women’s healthcare decisions, for instance.

This Race is a Referendum on Two Core Issues:

President Trump

My core values lead me to strongly oppose Trump and his disastrous policies. I care about the environment, corruption, science, the truth, ensuring that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, and ending our belligerent foreign policy.

On the other hand, my opponent's core values lead him to enthusiastically support and endorse President Trump.

The question for you is this: Do you want someone with Trump's core values representing you in Santa Fe? If your answer is "NO!," please vote for me.

Campaign Funding

I accept no money from any for-profit corporations -- they have no influence over me, my positions, or my decisions.

My opponent accepts thousands of dollars from out-of-state for-profit corporations -- many of them are oil companies, trying to influence this race in his favor. What are they getting for their investment?