I am running for House District 8 because I want to write and pass legislation that supports our economy, supports all New Mexicans, and makes our state a better place for all to live, work, learn, and play.

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Voting Records

Republican candidates typically vote this way.

Have a look. The former republican voted against every one of these bills:

  1. A bill requiring police body cameras and removing immunity if police commit a crime on duty (2020 special / SB8).
  2. A bill giving economic help to small businesses devastated by the Covid-19 crisis (2020 special / SB3)
  3. A bill for temporary election changes to encourage more absentee balloting (2020 special / SB4)
  4. A bill prohibiting health insurance rejection due to pre-existing conditions (2019 / HB436)
  5. A bill supporting a study on making sure all New Mexicans have health care coverage (2019 / HM92)
  6. A bill to increase working families tax credit (2020 / HB148)

I support these bills because they support us and our small businesses.